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Woman About Town blog: Making the transition to Willmar

Sarah Kallevig blogs about her new life in Willmar at

I am new to Willmar, having moved here 11 months ago from the Twin Cities. I moved here to live with my new husband.

It was an easy decision for us to live here in Willmar rather than the Cities. After all, he has deep roots here and had bought his family farm a couple years prior. So now, I am a farmer, or at least a farmer's wife aspiring to be helpful on the farm.

My husband grew up here and has interesting anecdotes about Willmar's history, or observations on ways that the area has changed, even if it's simple comments like, "The Barn Theater used to be right over there" as we make our way through southwest Willmar.

It seems commonplace for Minnesotans to spend their whole childhood in one place, but it's rather foreign to me. I grew up mostly in California and Utah. I moved to a Minneapolis suburb two weeks before my senior year of high school. Say it with me: "Yikes." But that was 24 years ago.

Fast-forward to now: Moving to a new place as an adult is a whole different thing. For one thing, you're not suddenly thrust into a big building with 1,000 strangers, akin to high school. And moving is your own choice at this point.

But beyond that, you're not as self-conscious as an adult. You're more comfortable in your own skin and you don't feel so scrutinized. Plus, I only moved 2 hours away - big deal, right?

Moving from a big city to a small city/big town might sound like it would be an adjustment, but it's really not. I don't need an exciting nightlife or great shopping in order to be happy. I would probably feel different if I was in my 20s, or if I was single and looking for ways to meet guys. But I'm not. My husband and I are happy, and we're content to stay home most evenings. But I am, of course, trying to get to know Willmar people.

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