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Therapy Works For Speech
930 Meadow Lane
Willmar, MN 56201
Robert A. Busby, Ph.D.Licensed Speech TherapistSpecializing in individual speech therapy for children and adults for over 40 years.


Therapy Works for Speech offers individual plan of care programs for:
*Children with articulation problems
*Building a strong vocabulary
*Help with voice problems
*Improve fluency ( stuttering)

Adult Therapy addresses Stroke Rehab, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Memory Problems, Swallowing, Word Finding, and Problem Solving.

Therapy Works welcomes all levels of abilities and the therapy program is designed for each individual according to their needs.  Dr. Busby works with each patient's referring physician to insure a team approach. The program is conducted in a family-friendly office setting, where both adults and children feel at ease. 

Standardized testing is used to develop each client's Plan Of Care according to their ability. Monthly updates are available to the child's family to track improvement and progress. Parents are always welcome to sit in on therapy. The individual therapy program uses different media according to the child's age and interest. For some, it may be a doll house that draws out speech and language, while older children may use age appropriate games or favorite sport or music materials. Dr. Busby is happy to work in conjunction with school therapists to provide consistent programs that allow for continuity in the child's IEP.

Dr. Busby has over 40 years of experience addressing speech and language problems. He is a Life Member of the American Speech and Hearing Association.