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Willmar births

Boy to Sahra Abdullahi Ahmed and Abdulahi Mohamed Dohe, July 15

Boy to Maria Magdalena Diaz, July 16

Girl to Hodan Abdi Sabri, July 16

Girl to Crystal Daisy Flores and Brian Keith Kohls, July 17

Boy to Ashley Marie and Adam Riley Olson, July 18

Girl to Mary Beth Arends and Bo Michael Schmidt, July 18

Boy to Zuleima Millan, July 18

Boy to Irtshi Abdi Guhad and Ali Aden Hussein, July 19

Boy to Ifrah Mohamed Elmi and Osman Mohamud Jibril, July 21

Boy to Anfa Mohamed Ibrahim and Bashir Mohamed Abdi, July 21

Girl to Tammy Kim and Derek Gordon Loiland, July 21

Boy to Cassandra Lea and Jerrick Steven Ruschen, July 21

Boy to Kaylee Nicole and Bowe Garhardt Linde, July 22

Girl to Kelly Ann and David Charles Klaassen, July 22

Girl to Hinda Aden Dagane and Abdiaziz Khalif Olow, July 23

Girl to Kari Ann and Kyle Ray Eckhoff, July 23

Girl to Sugra Mohamed Olad and Mohamed Hassan Farah, July 24

Boy to Rhoda Yvonne and Benjamin Gordon Jestice, July 24

Boy to Nicole and Carlos Carmona, July 24

Girl to Dulmar Sahardid Ismail and Nur Shukri Akulle, July 25

Girl to Brittany Pamela and Anthony David Lampher, July 25

Girl to Becky Ann and Steven Robert Hines, July 26

Girl to Amanda Mae and Peter John Carruth, July 26

Girl to Rachel Lanae and S Scott Rambow, July 28

Boy to Angela Marie and Jeremy Allen Olander, July 28

Girl to Josselyn Ane and Aaron Howard Finstrom, July 29

Girl to Brenda Elizabeth Ibarra, July 29

Girl to Jennifer Diane and Joshua David Cottle, July 31

Girl to Bailey Angelina and Travis Lee Wubben, July 31

Girl to Kayla Marie and Jonathon Clair Reigstad, July 31

Boy to Roxanne Irene and William Donn Lorenz, Aug. 1

Girl to Amanda Marie Lassiter and Derek Michael Bluhm, Aug. 1

Girl to Amy Lynn and Joshua John Hauge, Aug. 3

Boy to Brittany Lynn and Michael Brent Hill, Aug. 3

Boy to Tracy Ellen and Pedro Guerrero, Aug. 4

Girl to Maria Celeste and Scott William Claussen, Aug. 4

Boy to Katie Ann and Jared Timothy Rathmann, Aug. 5

Girl to Crystal Leeana and Jesus Gabriel Resendiz, Aug. 5

Boy to Belinda Martinez and Derrick John Nonweiler, Aug. 5

Boy to Nikkole Amber Perez and Jose Enrique Schuttler, Sr., Aug. 6

Boy to Laura Marie and Cody Ryan Thomson, Aug. 6

Boy to Kathryn Marie and David Robert Haase, Aug. 6

Boy to Natasha Kathleen and Jose Alberto Duran, Aug. 6

Boy to Kayla Sue and Jared Richard Kelm, Aug. 6

Girl to Sarah Grace and Isaiah Steven Piotter, Aug. 6

Girl to Christina Marie and Rory Lane Johnson, Aug. 7

Boy to Kimberly Mae and Jay Allen Kern, Aug. 7

Boy to Hamdi Johamed Ali and Shuaib Mahamud Hussein, Aug. 8

Boy to Lora Lee and Chad John Taatjes, Aug. 8

Girl to Vanessa Rae and John Roger Tatge, Aug. 9

Boy to Brittany Diane and Luke Dennis Langner, Aug. 9

Boy to Ashley Jordan and Todd Jeffrey Hickman, Aug. 9

Girl to Nicole Marie and Eric Lawrence Hjelden, Aug. 10

Boy to Stephanie Marie Anderson, Aug. 10

Twin girls to Kristy Mae and Darin Lee Tilbury, Aug. 11

Boy to Heather Joyelle and Joel William Peterson, Aug. 12

Girl to Kaylee Mae and Geoff Alain Hedberg, Aug. 12

Girl to Dahlia Delgado Schueller and Paul Dennis Schueller, Aug. 12

Boy to Candace Rosanda and Joel Hayden Otto, Aug. 12

Boy to Jenna Marie Casado and Michael Joseph Goulet, Aug. 13

Boy to Jenny Erlinda and Edwin Genvany Almendares, Aug. 13

Girl to April Lee and Ian Reynold McGillivray, Aug. 13

Girl to Rachel Jean and Brady Allan Olson, Aug. 13

Boy to Alyssa Diane Bilky and Anthony Rooy Rolffs, Aug. 14

Girl to Candice Ashley Williams and Dejuan Timothy Curry, Aug. 16

Madison births

Boy to Teresa Lynn and Preston Lee Schwegel, July 29

Glenwood births

Girl to Melissa Jean and Ross Patrick Ryks, July 16

Boy to Kayla Miriah and Joshua William Geister, July 17

Boy to Erin Nicole and Michael James Haskamp, July 21

Girl to Kari Jo and Jason Glenn Eastgate, July 21

Girl to Marianne Rochelle and Jeffrey Steven Ozanne, July 21

Girl to Xiu Zhen Li and Feng Lin, July 25

Girl to Brook Marie and Jacob Daniel Wilken, Aug. 2

Girl to Tara Lynn Meyers and Corey Dennis Poepping, Aug. 3

Boy to Karin Charlotte White and Ryan Scott Kirckof, Aug. 8

Granite Falls births

Boy to Paige Megan Ammermann and Nicholas Todd Cole, July 9

Girl to Michelle Robin and Ty Damian Stolp, July 31

Boy to Krista Kay Peterson, Aug. 11

Litchfield births

Boy to Amber Phamie Lee-Wolford and Michael Lee Wolford, July 15

Boy to Jessica Sue and Matthew Robert Blomquist, July 16

Girl to Natasha Marie and Joseph Charles Kinzer, July 20

Girl to Robin Louise and Nathan Dean Hulstein, July 22

Girl to Joanna Maria and Manuel Eduardo Ramirez, July 23

Boy to Lori Elizabeth and Eric Daniel Pedersen, July 23

Girl to Amy Lynn and Ryan Dale Rothstein, July 30

Boy to Cary Ann and Jason Jay Winch, July 31

Boy to Karina Lynn and Bruce Edward Johnson, Aug. 1

Girl to Samantha Ann and Joshua James Desmith, Aug. 8

Montevideo births

Boy to Kristin Doris and Keith Allen Binsfeld, July 16

Girl to Lori Ann and Drew Allan Gilbertson, July 16

Girl to Megan Mae and Dustin Dewayne Stone, July 25

Girl to Mayra Janeth and Juan Carlos Murillo, Aug. 13

Girl to Jennifer Ruth and Dallas Jeffrey Nyflot, Aug. 16

Olivia births

Boy to Moriah Elsie and Justin Ross Foesch, Aug. 12

Paynesville births

Boy to Keisa Marie Lange, July 16

Boy to Jamie F and Todd J Vanderweyst, July 18

Boy to Amanda Elizabeth Brehmer-Johnson and Dion Adam Johnson, July 19

Girl to Courtney Lynn and Jared Alan Johnson, July 22

Girl to Heather Sue and Darren John Nathan, July 27

Girl to Cheryl Annella and Christopher Arnold Wehseler, July 30

Boy to Erin Marie and Gregory Douglas Gertken, Aug. 5

Boy to Desiree Louise and Chad Thomas Utsch, Aug. 11

Girl to Kate Louise and Ben Henry Kalthoff, Aug. 13

Boy to Tina Eileen and Ryan Michael Schneider, Aug. 18

Redwood Falls births

Girl to Nicole Joanne and Joseph Roger Huseby, July 16

Boy to Heather Nicole and Brandy Cas Koffler, July 22

Girl to Tara Eileen and Richard Allen Scott, July 24

Boy to Brianna Lyn Rasmussen, July 25

Boy to Jodi Anne and Dillon Earl Robinson, Aug. 3

Girl to Destany Ann and Markus Orrin Okeson, Aug. 8