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Births published Sept. 5

Glenwood births

Girl to Stacy Lynn and Elliot Gregory Richards, Aug. 16

Boy to Rachel Marie and Kurt Daniel Pederson, Aug. 30

Granite Falls births

Girl to Deanna Rochelle Chase and Casey Lynn Jelks Jr., Aug. 27

Litchfield births

Girl to Elizabreth Marie and Travis Blair Shufelt, Aug. 19

Boy to Morgan Kristina and David Blair Halonen, Aug. 25

Boy to Lindsey Erica and Brian Virgil Bessingpas, Aug. 27

Girl to April Bliss and Benjamin Ray Collins, Aug. 29

Girl to Casey Lynae and Cesar Jeronimo Martinez, Aug. 31

Girl to Kimberly Ann and Caleb Amos Hawes, Sept. 2

Montevideo births

Girl to Katie Jean and Samuel Ray Cook, Aug. 18

Girl to Katelyn Janelle and Christopher Robert Zuraff, Aug. 19

Boy to Nicole Marie Freeman, Aug. 23

Girl to Amanda Rae and Cassidy James McCabe, Aug. 30

Olivia births

Boy to Samantha Elizabeth Hotovec, Aug. 14

Paynesville births

Boy to Tiffany Dawan and Curry Michael Swanson, Aug. 24

Girl to Kelli Anna and Thomas Girard Kleinschnitz Jr, Aug. 26

Girl to Nadine Elise and Austin Craig Zahara, Aug. 26

Boy to Emily Anne and Adam Bruce Richardson, Aug. 27

Boy to Amber Marie and Jeremiah Thomas Gross, Aug. 28

Girl to Diana Marie and Jacob John Gertken, Aug. 31

Girl to Ashlee Lynn and Charles Ray Smith, Sept. 1

Boy to Kimberly Susanne and Preston Robert Sommerfeld, Sept. 3

Boy to Ashley Elizabeth and Joshua Thomas Doll, Sept. 4

Willmar births

Girl to Brenda Madai Benitez and Daniel Eugene Heinen, Aug. 17

Boy to Tiffany Barbara and Dustin Robert Breitbach, Aug. 18

Boy to Haylee May Zimmer, Aug. 18

Boy to Brandi Elizabeth Deibler and Peter James Buschel, Aug. 20

Girl to Jessica Dee and Nathaniel David Neal, Aug. 20

Boy to Teal Marjorie and Patrick Michael Spellman, Aug. 21

Girl to Priscilla Marie and Benjamin Rivas, Aug. 21

Girl to Stacey Lynn Thielen and David Gerald Sietsema, Aug. 21

Boy to Nicole Marie Garcia and Juan Garcia Amaya, Aug. 22

Girl to Jordan Lee Anderson and Jacob Joel Duclos, Aug. 22

Girl to Rebecca Ann and Joseph John Daly, Aug. 25

Boy to Amy Marie and James Gabrial Garza, Aug. 25

Boy to Kelly Janelle and Nathan Joseph Wanzek, Aug. 26

Girl to Krystal Marie and Mitchell Ryan Van Heuveln, Aug. 26

Girl to Aubrie Lynn and Joshua Kenneth Uecker, Aug. 27

Girl to Patricia Maria and Matthew Jon Lilleberg, Aug. 27

Girl to Brittany Christine and Adam Daniel Schow, Aug. 28

Girl to Allison Jordan and Sylvestre Solis, Aug. 28

Girl to Willdy Liveth and Samuel Garcia, Aug. 28

Girl to Nimo Abdirizak Mohamed and Mohamed Abdi Barre, Aug. 28

Boy to Karyssa Briana and John Paul Christianson, Aug. 29

Boy to Lara Elizabeth and Mark Gerald Neubauer, Aug. 31

Girl to Samantha Mae and Jeremy James Meis, Sept. 2