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Births published Oct. 11

Glenwood birth

Girl to Jessica Doris and Casey Dean Tangen, Sept. 30

Montevideo births

Boy to Dilcia Jamileth Alvarez and Carlos Ulises Merino, Sept. 22

Boy to Courtney Mae and Todd William Boysen, Sept. 23

Girl to Priscila Mercado Noyola and Marco Tulio Sanchez, Sept. 24

Acton Township, Meeker County

Boy to Jan Lanae and Phillip Duane McFarland, Sept. 14

Litchfield births

Girl to Sarah Veronica and Jeremy Donald Nelson, Sept. 22

Boy to Heather Martha and Kirk Alden Olson, Sept. 25

Boy to Kimberly Ladawn and Roberto Garza, Sept. 26

Boy to Heather Marie and Adam David Schultz, Sept. 26

Boy to Laura Christine and Brent Matthew Holmquist, Sept. 29

Twin boy and girl to Shirley Theis Jacklitch and Jonathan Richard Jacklitch, Oct. 1

Boy to Claudia Curran Broman and Andrew Nelson Broman, Oct. 3

Paynesville birth

Boy to Shaunna Marie and Peter Timothy Loecken, Sept. 26

Redwood Falls births

Boy to Callie Jean and Tyler Jay Baune, Sept. 24

Girl to Amy Lee Serbus and Jeremy Rick Serbus, Sept. 28

Girl to Rebekah Rose and Scott Kenneth Krenz, Sept. 29

Girl to Danielle Alexandria and Nicholas Wayne Lee, Oct. 2

Willmar births

Boy to Ashley Ann Tate, Sept. 13

Girl to Mindy Sue and Ross Jon Smeby, Sept. 18

Boy to Jodi Marie and Rustin Daniel Fernelius, Sept. 18

Girl to Chakia Khiyon Jakise Coleman, Sept. 19

Girl to Lindsey Joy Minchow and Dustin Michael Melcher, Sept. 20

Boy to Isel Viridiana Torres Soto and Jose Guadalupe Tafoya Medina, Sept. 20

Twin girls to Hermelinda Espinoza and Jesus Hernandez Jr., Sept. 21

Girl to Elizabeth Ann and Reid Nathan Benson, Sept. 22

Girl to Melissa Jean Marie and Andy Dean Munsterman, Sept. 22

Boy to Alicia Chantelle and Robert Lawrence Welsch, Jr., Sept. 22

Boy to Kimberly Beth and Jacob Slagter Westlie, Sept. 23

Boy to Jennifer Marie and Jamie Glen Groen, Sept. 23

Girl to Fozeya Ahmed Omer and Abukara Abbow Osman, Sept. 23

Girl to Karen Louise and Jonathan Arlan Froehlich, Sept. 23

Girl to Jorgia Naomi and Gregory Avery, Jr., Sept. 25

Twin boy and girl to Sabrara Ann and Keith Daniel Evenson, Sept. 25

Girl to Christy Marie and Nathan Garbrand Peters, Sept. 25

Boy to Katelyn Elizabeth and Nathan Daniel Donaldson, Sept. 26

Boy to Alesha Marie and Cameron Loren Narragon, Sept. 26

Boy to Ellen Marie and Paul Daniel Carruth, Sept. 26

Girl to Megan Lynn Schmidt and Jesse Robert Stueber, Sept. 27

Boy to shannon Lynn and Joshua Lee Fragodt, Sept. 27

Girl to Christine Renae and Andrew James Forsell, Sept. 30

Girl to Sarahi Amanda Martinez and Efrain Martinez Marquez, Oct. 1

Boy to Abigail Palacios and Rodolfo Palacios Ponce, Oct. 1

Boy to Tracie Marie and Keith Paul Loe, Oct. 1

Boy to Nyssa Rose and Fernando V Almaraz, Oct. 2

Boy to Ashley Erin and Jordan Thomas Schalmo, Oct. 3

Boy to Heidi Kay and Nathan John Graves, Oct. 3

Girl to Beth Ann and Matthew John Stark, Oct. 3

Boy to Jessica Lynn and Cody Jay Madsen, Oct. 4

Girl to Ma Morena Nadua and Rick Dale Sondrol, Oct. 5

Girl to Nicole Marie Beach and Pedro Aniceto Zaragoza, Jr., Oct. 5