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Paraglider hurt in weekend accident in Meeker County

LITCHFIELD - A paraglider was hurt after accidentally crashing to the ground Saturday evening in field in Cosmos Township.

The Meeker County Sheriff’s Office said Linda McClary, 53, of Eagan was paragliding with a group of people from the SDI Paragliding Academy of Farmington. She was being towed by a vehicle and was approximately 20 feet in the air when the safety link brake released, causing her to fall to the ground in a field northwest of the intersection of Meeker County State-Aid Highway 37 and 515th Street. The safety link brake is a piece of safety equipment designed to release the rope from the towing vehicle if too much tension is built up.

The Cosmos Ambulance took McClary to the Hutchinson Hospital for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries.

Ambulance personnel and sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene shortly after 8 p.m.

The Sheriff’s Office said McClary is an experienced paraglider with a paragliding license. She was wearing a parachute but wasn’t high enough to deploy it, the Sheriff’s Office said.