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Willmar, Minn., Fests Junior Royalty finalists announced

WILLMAR -- The finalists for Willmar Fests Junior Royalty have been announced. A prince and princess will be chosen randomly at 4:15 p.m. Thursday at the Jaycees Block Party in downtown Willmar.

Princess candidates are Lakyia Gustafson, daughter of Amanda Sietsema; Anallely Maldonado, daughter of Helena Rodriguez; Esmeralda Conde, daughter of Rosendo and Rosario Conde; Cadence Parker, daughter of Dustin and Kerry Parker; Rae Holwerda, daughter of Scott and Nicole Holwerda; Meriyah Foster, daughter of Kristina Scott and Morgan Foster; Tiffany Franzwa, daughter of Nicole Franzwa and Scott Endersbe; Mackenzie Schoumaker, daughter of Jennifer Schoumaker and Tim Schoumaker; Emma Villnow, daughter of Nathan and Janna Villnow; Ava Piper, daughter of Mark and Christine Piper; Jordyn Oie, daughter of Jamie and Tonya Oie; Samantha Poe, daughter of Ann and Bob Poe; Halle Mortensen, daughter of Michael and Amy Mortensen; Abby Krupa, daughter of Matt and Krista Krupa; Cecilia Buzzeo, daughter of Christopher and Carla Buzzeo; Maggie Anderson, daughter of Jon and Bethany Anderson; Cecilia Hernandez, daughter of Deborah Gort and Trevor and Shannon Eckhoff; Bethany Molash, daughter of Tommy and Amy Molash; Shayla Olson, daughter of Missy Steffens and Scott Olson; and Addisyn Tillemans, daughter of Ryan and Amy Tillemans.

Prince candidates are Dalton Adolphson, son of Kelly Adolphson and Kenneth Adolphson Jr.; Steven Carlson, son of Jeremy Carlson and Stephanie Kardell; Christian Fink, son of Kevin and Melissa Fink; Malachi Elmhorst, son of Seth and Rachel Elmhorst; Angel Vasquez, son of Ruben and Sandra Vasquez; and Keegan Kessler-Gross, son of Michael Gross and Jody Kessler-Gross.