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Renville County awards $10 million in road bonds

OLIVIA — An upgraded credit rating on the eve of the bond sale had the desired effect for Renville County.

The County Board of Commissioners awarded a $9,995,000 general obligation capital improvement bond Tuesday with a true interest rate of 2.664 percent over its 15-year term.

Piper Jaffray of Kansas City, Mo., offered the awarded bid.

The county learned Friday evening that Moody’s had upgraded its bond rating to Aa2, said Sara Folsted , county administrator.

The County Board at its meeting Tuesday awarded the bond to undertake mill and overlay and reconstruction work on 46 miles of roadway.

The projects are intended to preserve roadways that are in need of work, but cannot be addressed with the county’s annual highway budget.

The county is in a similar position as is the Minnesota Department of Transportation, according to Renville County Public Works Director Marlin Larson. “We’re trying to preserve the investments we already have,’’ he said.

The projects funded by the recently awarded bond will be undertaken over the next three years. The mill and overlay projects will be undertaken first. More extensive upfront work is required before the two reconstruction projects can be undertaken.

Current plans call for using the bond funds for a total of $10 million in work on the following road segments:


The original roadbed will be milled and a new overlay placed on the base of these roads:

County Road 16: From County Road 2 to U.S. Highway 212 (10.5 miles) – $2,100,000

County Road 2: From County Road 16 to state Highway 4 (3.0 miles) – $600,000

County Road 13: From County Road 17 to Highway 212 (3.5 miles) – $700,000

Overlay (Preservation) Projects

A new surface will be placed over these roads:

County Road 1: From the Minnesota River to Highway 212 (15 miles) – $2,250,000

County Road 6: From the Minnesota River to Highway 212 (10 miles) – $1,500,000


The segments described below will be rebuilt:

County Road 2: From state Highway 4 to eastern county line (4.0 miles) – $2,150,000 (plus $850,000 in five-year plan for 2015)

County Road 74: Portion in Fairfax to the north city limits – $700,000


Another big project on the horizon for the county that is not part of the bonding is rebuilding 5 miles of Renville County Road 4, from U.S. Highway 71 to County Road 5, in 2016-2017. That project is estimated at $4.1 million. State aid will be applied to that project.

Tom Cherveny

Tom Cherveny is a regional and outdoor reporter with the West Central Tribune in Willmar, MN.

(320) 214-4335