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No travel advised for much of Minnesota

Blustery conditions and icy roads are making travel hazardous across much of Minnesota today.

ST. PAUL — The Minnesota State Patrol is advising no travel throughout much of the state because of snow-and-ice-covered roads. 

Road conditions have prompted all State Patrol command staff to suspend their daily duties and provide assistance on state highways.

“We’re receiving reports from veteran troopers in several areas of the state of conditions that are as bad as they’ve seen in 25 years,” said State Patrol Lt. Col. Matt Langer.

“We need motorists to avoid traveling unless it’s absolutely necessary. It is simply too dangerous right now and MnDOT needs room to clear the roads of snow and ice.”

The State Patrol expects road conditions to remain treacherous for the next several days.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has its plows out on state roadways clearing snow and applying sand and salt.

 Motorists who need to travel are advised to give plows room to work and to slow down when encountering plows.

 Motorists also are reminded that as temperatures drop, ice may form and create slippery spots. Bridges also may become slippery.

Motorists who are stranded should remain in their vehicle and call 911 for help.

The Department of Public Safety's Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management urges motorists to create a winter weather emergency kit for their vehicle in case they become stranded. The kit should include:

  • ·         Coffee can and small candles and matches to use to melt snow for drinking water.
  • ·         Brightly colored bandana or cloth to hang from the vehicle window to signal help is needed.
  • ·         Large plastic garbage bags to tie around feet to keep them warm.
  • ·         Safety pins to secure the garbage bags.
  • ·         Whistle to alert authorities.
  • ·         Snacks.
  • ·         Cell phone adapter to plug into lighter.
  • ·         Plastic flashlight and spare batteries.
  • ·         Extra hats, mittens, boots and blankets.