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A few suggestions to protect venison quality

APPLETON -- Deer hunters heading to the fields and woods of west central Minnesota this weekend for the second weekend of the firearm season will enjoy moderate temperatures once again.

With that in mind, Alyce Fust of the Appleton Meat Center encourages hunters to pay special attention to cooling their meat quickly and keeping it clean.

She offers these two quick tips for hunters to keep in mind:

• When cooling or freezing meat at home, place it in shallow food containers with the meat no more than two or three inches in thickness. Many people make the mistake of placing their meat into large containers to cool or freeze, some of them garbage can sized. When stacked in large volume, the meat in the center can be slow to cool. That allows plenty of time for bacteria to thrive.

• Be diligent about washing a freshly-dressed deer. She recommends washing the cavity with potable water only, and never using water from streams or creeks. A very cheap insurance policy to protect the quality of meat is to invest in a few gallons of distilled water to have along for field cleaning the animal, she said.