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Letter: Clarifying the pastors' summit

I'd like to comment on Associated Press writer Patrick Condon's report of the pastors' summit meeting held in Eden Prairie on Nov. 10.

First of all, Condon's characterization of the marriage amendment is somewhat misleading. He calls it a "ban on gay marriage." To my knowledge the word "ban" is not used in the language of the amendment. The use of the word "ban" seems to indicate disallowing something that has already been allowed. Gay marriage has never been allowed in Minnesota. Lawful marriage in Minnesota has always been a man and a woman. We want it to stay that way.

Secondly, Condon stated that "church groups protesting outside signaled that they're not willing to surrender the moral high ground on the issue."

What determines who has the moral high ground? Advocates of the marriage amendment base their morality on the Bible which tells us that "a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife." What do the protestors base their morality upon?

Condon failed to mention that the pastors' summit was interrupted by a bomb threat. My husband and a number of other Willmar pastors were at that summit. Where is the moral high ground in threatening a group of pastors?

Finally, former Vikings player Esera Tualo said, "Don't quote me the Bible if you're not willing to read the New Testament." When I read the New Testament, I find that homosexuality is one of the sins that Jesus died to forgive. That's about love, not hate. Those of us who are trying to live a life like Jesus are not about condemnation, but about hope and forgiveness.