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Letter: A story about Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam got shot in the foot by one of his kids. It was little George W. Bush that did it. The little stinker got hold of a real gun and was playing war with it. The wound didn't look too bad at first, but then it turned worse. The healing process is slow. The doctor bills are mounting and I don't think Sam is feeling very good. This incident has caused quite a stir in the community. The neighbors are saying it serves Uncle Sam right. His kids are out of hand. He shouldn't let them run loose like he does. They're getting to be regular nuisances around the whole neighborhood. It's too bad. They don't know when enough is enough.

Now, I hear Uncle Sam is borrowing money from one of his neighbors to pay for the trouble his kids have caused him. The story is out that he owes $8 trillion. Can you believe that? What if those neighbors get it into their heads that Uncle Sam might go broke and suddenly ask him for their money?

This scandal has gotten into the papers and everyone is talking. I heard Aunt Hillary is coming to nurse Uncle Sam back to health again. Something else I heard -- the clan is divided over what to do with little Georgie W. Some think he should be spanked, while others are saying "Forget it, kids like to play war. Call it an accident."

Warren Crackel