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Letter: No clemency from the president

I found the item in the paper Nov. 23 about President George Bush pardoning the turkey ironical, to say the least. In his reign as governor of Texas, he signed the execution orders of 152 prisoners, giving clemency to none. Even the case of Karla Fay Tucker, who turned her life around and became a real Christian witness in prison, didn't move his heart.

Petitioners for clemency or commutation to life sentence included the Pope, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and one of his daughters. The Washington Post wrote how Texas death penalty defendants receive lawyers who are inexperienced, incompetent, and indifferent to the point of sleeping at trials.

No matter, Bush said, "I'm absolutely confident that every person executed was guilty of the crime charged, and had full access to our courts."

I know I shouldn't be bringing this up, as he has so many burdens on his conscience right now, but as a Christian, this is one thing that really bothers me.

It makes me wonder how much he cares for the deaths in Iraq.

Flo Pendergrast