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Letter: Johnson is a courageous leader

In regard to the marriage amendment issue, I find it ironic that there are those who are asking Sen. Dean Johnson to "be the leader you were elected to be" by letting the people vote. Isn't this a contradiction?

How is putting an issue to the vote of the people being a leader? Is our system of government a direct democracy or a representative democracy? If some are so eager to have the people decide, why not get rid of the Legislature altogether? We can put questions on the ballot every few years and simply let the people decide.

Let the people decide how we fund health care, schools, nursing homes, and public service agencies. Let the people decide whether we should raise the gas tax to pay for our roads. Let the people decide on funding for higher education, class size, and special education issues.

And to some of the area clergy who are so enamored by this particular issue, why not let the people decide whether or not churches should keep their tax-exempt status? As property taxes soon begin to rise, how do you think that issue would fare? The list goes on and on.

We already have a law in Minnesota that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Johnson is being a leader. A leader doesn't do the popular thing, the expedient thing, the easy thing. A leader makes tough decisions and then stands by them. I thank Sen. Dean Johnson for his courageous leadership.

Rev. Dan Croonquist