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Letter: Fishing may change Spicer

A lure in the shape of a dollar sign has been dropped, selectively, into the Spicer City Council. The fishermen had done their homework well, knowing just where to drop the initial lures -- to those who would bite, those who would grab -- even though they were appointed to swim with other council members in the "council lake."

First-strike ripples from those who the fishermen knew would quickly, but quietly bite, were finally felt by the others in the "council lake." Those who did not strike at the first lure have exhibited reason, standards, principals, and future accountability -- not self-advancement. They would not, and will not bite on any lure, especially the first. Then the public, for whom the council works, began to learn how big and ominous this catch might be. The public also saw through the dollar-shaped lure. The fishermen may land their catch, but the meat is tough, it will feed few, and the bone pile is big. It may indeed rot, changing the city forever.

This land and lake is 10,000 years old. There is no rush.

Time has made what we have, and who we are -- not lures, not money.

Jack Ward