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Kandiyohi County puts most wanted on Web site

WILLMAR -- The Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office is hoping that an arrest is one click away.

The sheriff's office has put their most wanted on their web site in hopes that computer users in the county will help them track down local scofflaws.

Sheriff Dan Hartog said his office decided to put the list online because of such high Internet use.

"We wanted it to be easily accessible," he said.

The new list has already worked. Two weeks ago, one of the people listed was recognized by a Kandiyohi County employee. The employee had information on where the person could be found and the Sheriff's Office was able to make an arrest.

Hartog said that they'll update the site at least once a month and will put a "captured" caption on the photo when people are arrested.

Stearns County has a similar "most wanted" section on its Web site, which has been successful.

"A few a month get a turned in and arrested, so that's a good thing," Chief Deputy Bruce Bechtold said. "We're considering ourselves successful if we just get one person arrested off of it."

"Most wanted" sections have popped up on several police and sheriff's departments around the state, according to James Franklin, Executive Director of the Minnesota Sheriff's Association.

He said the Web pages have made a difference in capturing wanted individuals.

He said the sites can tip off people that a neighbor, friend or loved one might have a warrant out.

The site can be accessed at