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Atwater council warns bowling alley on liquor violation

ATWATER -- The owner of the Atwater bowling alley was given a warning Wednesday by the Atwater City Council for selling liquor set-ups to customers on Sundays.

The council gave Toby Giese, from McPete's II Sports Bar and Lanes, a written warning for the violation.

A second violation would generate a $250 fine, he was told. A third violation would result in Giese's Sunday 3.2 beer license getting revoked.

Giese has a license to sell hard liquor six days a week. This summer, he obtained a license to serve 3.2 beer on Sundays.

Police Chief Reed Schmidt filed a police report that said Giese was selling set-ups on Sundays. Customers provided their liquor.

The city can issue a Sunday set-up license, but Giese has not applied for one, said City Clerk Goldie Smith.

The council told Giese that the written warning would stay in Giese's file for one year. If there were no further violations, he was told that the letter would be removed.

Also Wednesday, the council agreed to send letters to landlords that remind them of the city ordinance that makes property owners responsible for unpaid water bills on their rental units.

In an interview, Councilman Dale Tagtow said the city has been left with unpaid water bills when renters move out without notice. He said the problem has been especially bad with absentee landlords.

Unpaid water bills are applied to the property taxes of the property owners.

In other action the council:

- Gave final approval of the 2006 budget. One change to the budget was made, which transfers $10,000 from the Community Expense account to a new account for future demolition projects. The council set up the demolition fund to purchase and raze dilapidated residential facilities.

- Authorized Chief Schmidt to hire an individual to serve as school resource position at the Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City North Elementary School in Atwater.

- Approved the purchase of $3,000 worth of hoses for the new fire truck.

Carolyn Lange

A reporter for more than 30 years, Carolyn Lange covers regional news with the West Central Tribune.

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