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Council is seeking repair estimates for Hotel Atwater

ATWATER -- The Atwater City Council agreed Wednesday to seek cost estimates for repairing the Hotel Atwater before continuing purchase negotiations with the owner of the building.

Sue Meyerson owns the historic building. In an e-mail that was read to the council, Meyerson said she would sell the building to the city for $75,000.

Meyerson would also require that the city keep the building for 25 years, according to draft minutes from the meeting. She has also requested that the west half of the nearby lot 10 be deeded to her for landscaping and parking. Lot 10 includes a building where the senior dining program and city library are currently located. Both of those programs are in the process of being moved and the city intends to demolish the old building.

A motion was initially made to refuse Meyerson's offer, but the council then agreed on a 3-1 vote to get estimates to repair the building. They will hold a special meeting with Meyerson sometime in the future to discuss negotiations. Councilman Dale Tagtow, Shane Hagstrom and Scott Bjornson voted in favor of the motion, and Councilman James Olson voted against it.

The city is renovating space in the fire hall for the senior dining program and volunteers are in the process of moving books, shelves and furniture from the old, downtown library to a new location on U.S. Highway 12. The city is renting space in the old Tom Thumb building for the library. The city will rent half of the building for the library. The other half of the building is used as a liquor store.

The library will reopen on May 1.

In other action the council:

- Was informed that the Atwater Economic Development Authority will provide $15,000 to help build a room in the fire hall for the senior dining center program. The EDA has also agreed to submit an application for a grant to the Small Cities Development Partnership for residential revitalization.

- Agreed to allow classmates of Tracy Narragon to put a bench and two pine trees on the walking path in town as a memorial to the Atwater man. Narragon, 38, was killed in January in Montana when he and other snowmobilers were caught in an avalanche.

- Saw preliminary plans for a running track and a proposed BMX track at the city park.

- Heard from Jerry Vlaminick about his plans to build a cul-de-sac and two duplexes. He was advised about utilities and road width. The planning and zoning commission will need to take action before the final plans are submitted to the city council.

Carolyn Lange

A reporter for 35 years, Carolyn Lange covers regional news with the West Central Tribune.

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