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Resolutions addressed by delegates

WILLMAR -- Fifty resolutions were addressed by delegates during the Republican 7th District convention Saturday in Willmar.

Most resolutions were passed quickly, unanimously and with little or no debate.

A resolution on praying "in Jesus' name" did get a fair amount of debate, with some delegates objecting to the lack of inclusiveness.

The resolution said "We advocate freedom, including praying in Jesus' name, be allowed and unrestricted by local, state, and national government. All U.S. citizens should be allowed to pray in Jesus' name in any military, civilian, or government settings."

An amendment to remove the phrase "in Jesus' name" was defeated and the resolution passed in its original form.

Some of the other resolutions that were approved include support for:

- Eliminating funds under Medicare or Medicaid for MinnesotaCare, elective drugs and procedures such as Viagra and surgeries for face lifts or sex change operations.

- Adoption of a statewide initiative and referendum law to allow citizens to vote on issues.

- The removal of the word "incumbent" from the election ballot in judicial elections.

- The passage of Jessica's Law to ensure that child sex offenders be given a minimum sentence of 25 years without parole.

- Expanding firearm concealed carry reciprocity with other states.

- Repealing the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Law.

- Giving the president the line item veto.

- Repealing or reducing income tax on social security benefits.

- Eliminating government confiscation of private property that's transferred to other private parties instead of public use.

- Establishing a state registry of all convicted felons involved with the use or sale of methamphetamine to allow employers and landlords to screen individuals prior to hiring or renting to such individuals.

- Raising the legal age for gambling in Minnesota to 21.

- Opposition to the establishment of universal pre-school programs.

A proposal to change the way Minnesota proportions its Electoral College votes so that the electoral vote for each Congressional district would go to the winner of the district was defeated.

Carolyn Lange

A reporter for 35 years, Carolyn Lange covers regional news with the West Central Tribune.

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