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Area Sheriff puts DARE truck up for bid on eBay

OLIVIA -- It's not every day you can log on to eBay, an Internet auctioning site, and find law enforcement vehicles for sale in your own back yard. But for the Renville County Sheriff's Department, eBay seemed like exactly the right place to sell their former DARE truck.

"A lot of people are searching eBay," said Doug Pomplun, chief deputy of the Renville County Sheriff's Department.

Pomplun said the department decided to let online bidders hash out the price, rather than setting a price for the 1989 GMC four-wheel drive pickup truck.

The truck was seized by the department during a drug investigation in 1993. After the seizure, the department turned the truck into a promotional vehicle for the DARE program, which aims to educate youth about the effects of drugs.

According to a press release from the Renville County Sheriff's Department, the truck was used in many parades and seen at local schools where the DARE program was taught.

Now the truck has reached the end of its life at the department. While Pomplun said he doesn't know what the buyer of the truck will use it for, he said there won't likely be a new set of promotional DARE wheels at the department.

"I don't think we'll have a promotional vehicle like that for some time," he said.

Pomplun said they got the idea of using eBay after several other departments in the area sold items on the site. The area drug task force -- known as CEE-VI -- recently sold a bunch of items on eBay, Pomplun said.

Bids for the late '80s-model GMC pickup are currently around $2,500 on the site, but bidding does not end until around 1 p.m. Saturday.

Pomplun said money raised from the sale of the vehicle will be put into the drug forfeiture fund. This fund pays for education and equipment related to drug enforcement.