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Letter: Johnson rises above meanness

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life's attack literature gives remarkable insight for all of us into the kind of mean-spirited, bullying politics that's being used by partisan Republicans at the Minnesota Capitol these days. Their literature is full of misrepresentations -- but that doesn't seem to bother people when they've bought into the politics of intimidation.

Our senator, Democrat Dean Johnson, has been fighting through this mean-spirited type of politics on behalf of all of us. As the top-ranking leader of the Senate, he has found a way to get things accomplished for us and for the state despite all of this. It takes a special person to be able to rise above this kind of thing, and he has.

He has strength and fortitude, which may be because of his military training. His integrity, courage, ability to focus on what's important, and his respect for others are the reasons that senators from two different parties have chosen him as their top-ranking leader.

We need to send a strong message to the Capitol. We're going to vote for a better Minnesota and for Sen. Dean Johnson, who represents the politics of collaboration and respect. We're going to vote against MCCL and the partisan Republican brand of mean-spirited, subversive politics of intimidation and misrepresentation.