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Suspicious vehicle report leads to 10 drug arrests

DASSEL -- A report of a suspicious vehicle along state Highway 15, just south of Dassel Monday afternoon led to the arrests and pending drug charges against 10 people.

Andrew David Munsinger, 23, of Dassel, Mark Charles Oberg, 39, of Milroy, Cassandra Jo Walker, 21, of Annandale and Nichole Rose King, 18 of Dundas were all arrested by Meeker County Authorities after the suspicious vehicle complaint was called in. The four were found by athorities in a vehicle along with 35 grams of methamphetamine, about 1 ounce of marijuana and more than $600 in cash, according to a news release Wednesday from the Meeker County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Mike Hirman said more information was gleaned through interviews with the four arrested. This information led to a search warrant in Hutchinson and the arrests of six other individuals, whom Hirman referred to as part of the same ring of acquaintances. More narcotics were also seized as part of the Hutchinson warrant.

The four arrested in Meeker County were all held on unconditional bail of $100,000. Mussinger and King had conditional release of $50,000, with Walker's conditional bail set at $10,000. Osberg was not offered a conditional bail amount. Hirman said none of the four had posted bail as of Wednesday afternoon.

Hirman was also unsure of what charges were filed against any of the 10 arrested in Monday's raid.

The four were arrested after a suspicious vehicle was reported to Meeker County authorities around 2:45 p.m., according to the release. Deputies later identified the vehicle as one described in a threat complaint reported earlier in the day in Cosmos. A weapon was allegedly involved in the Cosmos threat, according to the release.

The Minnesota State Patrol along with Meeker County Sheriff's Department stopped the suspicious vehicle and arrested, Musinger, Oberg, Walker and King for narcotics violations, the release states.

"This is an excellent example of everyone working together," Hirman stated in the release. "From the citizens calling the Sheriff's Office reporting activity, aggressive follow up and working with numerous agencies in different jurisdictions, resulting in many arrests of serious crimes."

Authorities from the Hutchinson Police Department did not immediately return phone calls Wednesday.