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Willmar man sentenced to 90 days for misdemeanors in domestic incident

WILLMAR -- Naul Uriel Solorio, 22, of Willmar, was sentenced Thursday to 90 days in jail and $1,000 in fines for misdemeanor domestic assault and criminal damage to property for a Sept. 9 domestic assault.

As part of a plea agreement, a felony charge for domestic assault by strangulation was dismissed. Solorio will be allowed to complete community service to pay the fine.

The charges were filed after Willmar police were called to an apartment to respond to a domestic dispute. When police arrived, a woman said she had argued with Solorio, her ex-boyfriend with whom she has a daughter. She said the argument took place at his home and was over phone numbers logged in her cell phone. She said Solorio accused her of seeing other people. The woman said that Solorio got angry with her and pushed her, choked her and covered her mouth with his hand so that she couldn't breathe. He also threw her cell phone and broke it, she said.

When officers interviewed Solorio, he said they fought. He said he did not want the relationship to end badly, so he tried to talk to the woman and, at one point, sat on her. He said he placed his hand over her mouth to get her to stop talking.