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Northern Minnesota moose calf that looked tame may be sick

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) - Veterinarians at the University of Minnesota are testing a moose calf that has been acting almost tame in northeastern Minnesota for brainworm.

The calf has been seen feeding close to a road in the small town of Fredenberg Township north of Duluth. It has allowed several residents close enough to touch it.

That's unusual behavior for a wild moose, and made wild-life officials suspect the ani-mal was infected with the brainworm parasite.

A conservation officer shot the animal on Monday and its body was sent to the university.

Wildlife biologist Mike Schrage says the 10-month-old female calf weighed 284 pounds, but should have weighed much more than that.

Brainworm is harmlessly carried by deer, but can be passed to moose through feces, which the larger animals inadverently ingest when grazing.

Dave Peterson of Fredenberg Township recently took several photos of the moose as it fed on pines. He says he was able to pet it and scratch its ears.