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Letter: This writer's vote is still no

I see Joel Gratz, ACGC School Board member, in the March 24 Public Forum, is starting their pitch for our dollars and many at that! The letter started, "What is price of ACGC cuts?"

How fitting is the column to the left, American Opinion, on an open government. It states 75 percent of Americans think the government is closed and secretive, and withholds public information. It also states this is happening from presidents and governors right down to city councils and school boards.

Last winter when ACGC printed their monthly report in the West Central Tribune, the Tribune also printed a note stating this budget is available upon request from the school district superintendent.

It made me think: I've voted no for their request for more money, I'll contact Keith Redfield and request a copy of the budget, so I could review it and make an informed decision as to why they need so much money.

Redfield sent an e-mail back about my request of public information. He informed me if I wanted to discuss the matter I should come to his office. I sent back my reply stating that if we get together to discuss the budget, I prefer to know what's in the budget; after all, how can we discuss something I know nothing about? Please send me the budget and after reviewing it I'll contact you. If then you wish to meet we'll discuss it then.

Little did I know! I never received a budget or reply. I yet want to see a budget, I want to see where the millions we give them is spent.

Yes, the American Opinion is right. Our government, right down to school boards, is secretive. My vote remains no until they prove they need money. On a one-year ACGC per pupil intake of close to $10,000, we could send two students to a state college. Figure that out! Vote no!