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Letter: Thank you to Sen. Gimse

Though it seems easier to be critical or overlook our local legislators' performance, they deserve a big thank you. Last week's West Central Tribune editorial seemed to gloss over the hard work and accomplishments of our local politicians in designating funding that impact our city, county, and district. Especially deserving is our freshman state senator, Joe Gimse.

Gimse's determination to represent his district's interests and needs and his ability to gain the respect and influence of Gov. Pawlenty helped our community receive over $12 million in funding for local projects, including Ridgewater College, Willmar wastewater treatment project, and the Grass Lake project.

Thank you, Sen. Gimse, for working on our behalf. I also appreciate Pawlenty's implementing his line-item veto on less urgent projects, such as $11 million to renovate St. Paul Como Zoo's gorilla exhibit. The good of Willmar, Kandiyohi County, and District 13 and the majority of the state of Minnesota were met.