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Letter: Don't blame the liberals

There are those who like to blame the liberals for the ills of this country, but the truth of the matter is it's a combined problem. The last seven years the Republicans really stole the show. The war on terrorism has cost us 4,000 lives in Iraq, not including the 4,000 killed in 9/11.

The war has also cost us billions of dollars. With that in mind, we have ignored the most pressing problems here at home and we are now paying for that neglect. I am not one who likes to see tax increases but if we don't take action in regards to our infrastructure, we may see more bridge collapses. Our high-tech jobs and manufacturing jobs continue to fade as more United States companies are allowing China and Japan to build the products we use.

In the meantime those countries we have helped despise us and the money we give generally goes to the leaders of those countries. not to the people.

People blame the liberals for the crime and punishment but fail to realize the cost of incarceration, not counting the end result of not investing in programs to help with rehabilitation. Lock them up and throw the key away, the Republicans say, but offer no other solutions but to back the private prison sector which lives by the three-strikes law for no other reason but to house inmates.

Our health care seems to get more expensive as the big drug companies call the shots with their lobbyists rewarding our politicians for favorable votes. Our great nation can't even properly rebuild New Orleans, yet we are trying to rebuild Iraq, which will probably never be stable due to decades of indifference.

So tell me, why are the liberals to blame when the Republicans have been in office for eight years? I guess I will never understand the complete ignorance of those who say Republicans are going to be the answer!