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Ridgewater lists 44 football recruits

WILLMAR -- Ridgewater College football coach Rob Baumgarn has announced a list of 44 recruits for next fall's community college football team at the Willmar campus."Our focus was recruiting linemen, both offensive and defensive," said the third-year head coach. "I think we met those needs. We also were able to meet some specific needs at receiver."

Fourteen of this year's prospects are listed as either an offensive or defensive lineman. Prospects often sign a non-binding national letter of intent before they are announced as recruits.

Baumgarn added that Sean Knezevich getting a medical redshirt will strengthen the quarterback position.

Thirty-three players are slated to return from last year's 5-4 team, which fell short of the playoffs.

"I feel, as a coaching staff, we did a great job of identifying and attracting quality young men to campus," stated Baumgarn.

2-8 Warrior recruits

Gilbert Ayala, St. Cloud, 6-0, 260, defensive line

Tyler Blomme, Montevideo, 5-8, 185, linebacker

Brenton Bradford, Omaha, Neb., 5-9, 185, running back

Jarrett Campbell, Minneapolis, 6-0, 170, wide receiver

Greg Canty, Ecorse, Mich, 6-5, 285, defensive line

Travis Colgrove, St. Cloud, 6-2, 170, defensive back

Gonzalo DeAnda III, St. James, 5-11, 180, running back

Ryan DeGree, Spicer, 6-4, 210, tight end

Joe Doubler, Walnut Grove, 6-2, 215, defensive line

Brett Dumke, Windom, 6-4, 185, defensive back

Jake Duske, Montrose, 6-0, 165, defensive back

Brendan Fort, Omaha, 5-10, 165, running back

Luke Frauendienst, Henderson, 6-0, 165, wide receiver

Jordan Hanson, Albert Lea, 6-3, 255, tight end

Cory Hendrich, Monticello, 5-10, 260, offensive line

Phil Herkenhoff, Freeport, 6-2, 200, linebacker

Chris Hinnenkamp, Willmar, 5-10, 230, linebacker

Jordan Janni, Springfield, 6-3, 190, defensive line

Robert Johnson, Apple Valley, 6-2, 300, offensive line

Dante Jones, St. Paul, 5-8, 160, defensive back

Cody Coster, Marion, Mich, 6-0, 270, defensive line

Spencer Laleman, Marshall, 6-1, 255, defensive line

Brock Landmark, Elkton, SD, 5-9, 180, linebacker

Patricio Lopez, Oliva, 6-0, 300, offensive line

L.W. Frost, Burnsville, 6-3, 240, tight end

Donnie McPhearson, Omaha, 5-11, 220, fullback

Thomas Mullen, Edenton, NC, 6-1, 200, fullback

Brett Murp;hy, St. Paul, 6-1, 240, offensive line

Tim Newberg, Willmar, 6-0, 185, wide receiver

Antonio Nichollas, St. Pual, 6-2, 320, offensive line

David Nilius, Tracy, 6-2, 250, defensive line

Allan Noyes, Ghent, 6-3, 200, linebacker

Eric Orth, Melrose, 5-10, 180, running back

Timothy Palm, Willmar, 6-6, 180, defensive line

A.J. Rasmussen, Mound, 5-10, 165, wide receiver

Casey Riebe, Winthrop, 5-10, 185, linebacker

Walter Rochet, Chicago, 5-10, 160, quarterback

Joel Rollie, Spring Valley, 6-2, 215, linebacker

Leon Sargent, International Falls, 6-3, 230, linebacker

Chris Schultz, Ricmond, 5-9, 185, linebacker

Ben Sletta, Spicer, 6-0, 180, defensive back

Chris Spearman, Apple Valley, 5-10, 180, defensive back

Kyle Syverson, Murdock, 6-2, 280, offensive line

William Zahn, Apple Valley, 5-11, 190, defensive back.