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Bob Dylan Way signs are all up in Duluth

Consider it an early birthday present for Duluth native Bob Dylan.

The Bob Dylan Way committee on Wednesday unveiled the final two signs marking the 1.8-mile cultural pathway honoring the world-famous singer-songwriter.

The committee unveiled the pathway's first sign on May 24 -- Dylan's 66th birthday.

"Dylan's impact on our culture has been called Shakespearian," committee member Don Dass said after the last signs of the pathway were unveiled outside Fitger's. "His impact is going to be felt for generations."

The Duluth City Council passed a resolution in 2006 designating a cultural pathway in honor of the world-famous singer-songwriter. Bob Dylan Way follows Michigan Street, Superior Street and London Road between Fifth Avenue West and 15th Avenue East.

While the city designated the pathway, it didn't spend any money on the project. The committee raised about $7,000 for the 30 brown, black and white signs that mark the pathway. Each 2-by-2-foot sign depicts Dylan with a guitar at a microphone.

"We hope to continue to get some support to maintain the signs and perhaps create additional displays," committee member Zane Bail said.

In addition to the signs, the committee worked with Fitger's and Out There Advertising to create a Bob Dylan Way exhibit at Fitger's. The large display case in Fitger's includes information about the cultural pathway, photos of Dylan, and posters advertising his concert with Paul Simon and Buddy Holly's concert. Dylan has said he was inspired by a 1959 Buddy Holly concert he saw at Duluth's Minnesota National Guard Armory. Another group is working to preserve the long-empty building along London Road.

In addition to unveiling the final signs and new exhibit, the committee released details on its second annual Bob Dylan Way Birthday Celebration. The event will be held from 5-8 p.m. on May 21 at Fitger's Red Star Lounge.

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