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Storm brings flying cow near Valley City, ND

It's not every day you see a cow fly by your window, but Elva Dittmer swears that's what she saw near her barn Wednesday morning.

"I seen something white going into the air and I'm sure it was a cow," the rural Valley City, N.D., woman said.

Dittmer was about 120 feet away when she saw the cow go about 10 feet in the air at 8:20 a.m.

"I don't know if a cow would jump that high," she said.

Dittmer said she could not tell whether the cow spun around or went straight into the air, but said its movement frightened her 30-some other cows.

"They ran away from it," she said.

Authorities in Barnes County report that there were heavy winds in the area Wednesday morning.

The winds overturned Dittmer's barn and knocked down several trees in the area, shutting off power for about two hours, said Linda McKenna, office deputy for the Barnes County Sheriff's department.

Gusty winds stretched across the region, toppling two semi trailers along Interstate 94 in Fergus Falls, Minn.

Based on the reported damage, winds could have gusted to an estimated 70 to 75 mph in Barnes County, according to meteorologist Dave Kellenbenz at the National Weather Service in Grand Forks.

Dittmer said at first she didn't believe she had seen a cow fly, and she knows it may be hard for others to fathom, but she's standing by her story.

"I'm sure she went up in the air because I seen it," she said.

Dittmer said she's not sure if the cow was injured in its flight, but noted that one female cow had to be put down Wednesday after it broke its back.