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Editorial: Presidential campaign turns toward home stretch

The 2008 presidential election season -- the longest in American history -- is now turning toward the home stretch with fewer than 100 days remaining.

In the remaining days between now and Nov. 4, much will happen in the presidential campaign. No one knows for sure who will win or lose this election.

The presumptive Democrat and Republican nominees still have to pick and announce their vice presidential candidates. Each party has to hold its political convention. Each nominee -- Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama -- must make his acceptance speech.

Time is a critical factor in this race. With fewer than 100 days remaining, time combined with voter perception and candidate momentum will be the major factors in the November election. The Olympics, which begin Aug. 8 -- later than normal, will hold America's focus for two weeks during the August lull before the party's respective conventions.

Both parties are now strategizing, trying to decide when to announce their respective candidate for vice president. Democrat Obama has been holding significant leads in many early polls. However, in some recent polls, Republican McCain has been narrowing the gap.

It is likely the race will tighten more, as it historically does when the calendar turns to September. However, absentee balloting will already have started for soldiers and others by mid-September.

The end of September will bring the first of three presidential debates. As October turns, the candidates will begin their final pushes, trying to maintain their momentum and avoid any October surprise.

Thankfully, America is in the final 100 days of this election. Yet there is a great deal of time remaining in political terms and so much yet to happen.