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Editorial: Patience is waning on city's flooding

Willmar once again Thursday suffered from a sudden deluge of rainfall, resulting in street flooding at numerous locations across the city's south side.

The city's street flooding Thursday was the result of about 2.5 to 3 inches of rainfall within an hour, which overwhelmed the storm water system in numerous locations.

In fact, the street flooding did not just occur in southwest Willmar, but also in southeast Willmar around the Kandi Mall and along 19th Avenue Southeast.

Certainly, the amount of rainfall in such a short time is hard to plan for. The city has been studying plans to address street flooding, especially in southwest Willmar, but has not developed a complete plan.

Possible solutions include installation of larger storm water pipes along Willmar Avenue Southeast in 2009 and construction of storm water retention ponds near Trott Avenue Southwest.

Unfortunately, these steps may not be enough for some residents, especially in the 10th and Kandiyohi Avenue Southwest neighborhood.

The patience of some is growing short with the mayor, City Council and city administration. The homeowners just want this street flooding issue solved.

The primary question is what solution will help address this street flooding issue and the second question is how will the city fund any possible solutions.

The reality is that Willmar currently has a street flooding issue that has arisen several times in recent years and the patience of citizens is growing short.