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Filing closes for candidates seeking city government offices

Filing closed Tuesday for municipal elections in which no primary is held. Smaller cities do not typically conduct a primary, and all candidates who file for office in those towns are on the general election ballot in November. Candidates have until the end of today to withdraw. The following information was gathered from city officials.


Six candidates have filed for election in the Atwater City Council and mayor's race.

Incumbent Mayor Bruce Baker has filed for re-election. He is being challenged by Brad Fluck and Jerry Spencer.

Incumbent councilmen Shane Hagstrom and Scott Bjornson have filed for re-election. Jeff Dockman has also filed for a position on the City Council.


Two candidates are seeking the mayor's position and five are competing for two City Council posts.

Ron Ronning, who served previously as mayor, and Larry Johnson filed for the mayor's post. Current Mayor Al Johnson did not re-file.

Vying for the two City Council seats are incumbents Scott Conn and Chad Galland along with Al Smith, Marie Rolfsmeier and Luanne Kessler.

Bird Island

Three candidates are campaigning for the mayor's post while four are seeking two City Council seats.

Jeff Engelmann, a current member of the City Council, filed for the mayor's post as did Betty Schemmel and Robert Seidl Jr. Mayor Paul Heyl did not re-file.

Jim Schneider, incumbent, and Darin Stranberg, Diane Wohnoutka and Douglas Hightshoe filed for the two City Council seats. Larry Welsh did not re-file for his council seat.

Voters will also decide a Sunday liquor question.

Clara City

Two candidates are vying for mayor while four candidates have filed for two City Council seats.

Mayor Kurt Koenen is being challenged by Joseph J. Thissen.

Lester Feia, incumbent, and Duane Jaenisch, Mike Thein and Peter "Jim" Thoma filed for the two City Council seats.


Two candidates are vying for the mayor's position, while two City Council candidates are unopposed.

Mayor Chad Cole re-filed for his post, and will face competition on the ballot from Gene Allex Sr. Allan Strunc and Ryan Bentley filed for two City Council seats. Incumbents Damon Bratsch and Betty Tepfer did not re-file.


Two candidates are vying in Ward 1, but no one filed for the Second Ward seat on the City Council.

Mayor Merlin Ellefson re-filed for his post and is unopposed. Jeff Olson, the incumbent, and John Harker filed for the Ward 1 seat. John "J.T." Schacherer filed for the Ward 3 seat. Incumbents Jeff Fish, Ward 2, and Pam Helgeson, Ward 3, did not re-file.


Four candidates are seeking two seats on the City Commission.

Incumbent Mary Ballard and Jack Christman, Jeff Jorgenson and Chintana Ohl filed for the two City Commission seats. Incumbent Cody Rogahn did not re-file.

Granite Falls

No one filed for one of four City Council seats up for grabs in Granite Falls, while incumbents filed to retain their seats. Mayor Dave Smiglewski re-filed for the mayor's position. Bill Miller filed for his at-large seat and Joseph Fagnano for a Ward 1 seat. No one filed for the at-large seat currently held by Fagnano.


Incumbent Mayor Brian Thompson has filed for re-election and will be unopposed.

The two council seats also will be unopposed. Councilman Bruce Thayer has filed, and Mona Doering filed. Jim Rothers is vacating his seat.


Three incumbents are unchallenged for their seats. Mayor Greg Thole and council members Rick Gail and Maynard Meyer re-filed for their posts.


Three incumbents re-filed for their seats without opposition. Mayor Richard Groothuis and council members Dan Bristle and Gloria Sims will be on the ballot.


Five candidates are vying for three positions on the City Council. Ron Anderson, incumbent, and Nancy Strand filed for the mayor's position.

Incumbents Roy Delgehausen and Heidi Hanson and new candidate Starr Lindberg filed for the two City Council seats.


Three candidates have filed for two City Council positions, and Mayor Jim Curtiss re-filed for his seat.

Sandra Hodge, current council president, and first-time candidates Al Johnsrud and Jeremy Pauling filed for the two available City Council seats. Incumbent Mike Diggins did not re-file.

New London

New London will have a contest for mayor. Councilman Perry Nelson and Bill Gossman have filed for the post.

Three people have filed for two slots on the City Council. Current Mayor John Mack and Loren "Corky" Beck have filed for a council seat, and Councilman Dave Schneider has filed for re-election.


Three incumbents are seeking as many seats on the Olivia City Council. Bill Miller re-filed for mayor while council members Barb Kirtz and Terry Kohout re-filed for their four-year terms on the council.


Mayor Jeff Thompson is unopposed in his bid for re-election.

Three people will vie for two seats on the council. Councilman Jeff Bertram, Dennis Zimmerman and Darlene Loven have filed.

Councilman Tom Lindquist is vacating his seat.


Three candidates are seeking two council seats, while two candidates are vying for the mayor's post.

Jeanette Wertish and Don McClury filed for the mayor's seat. Wilbur Standfuss did not re-file for the post.

Al Rohlik filed to retain his seat on the City Council. Dave Armstrong and Duane Luttenauer also filed for the City Council. Incumbent Laura Haen did not re-file.


Mayor Perry Wohnoutka will be challenged in his re-election bid by Dennis Baker.

Five people are vying for two open council seats in Spicer. Tiffany Wachtler, Janice Carlson, Elizabeth Christensen, Robin deCathelineau and Jerry Reierson have filed.

Incumbents Terry Holmquist and Ron Schneider are vacating their seats.