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City employees in Spicer at odds and may file grievances

SPICER -- Two Spicer city employees said Wednesday they may file grievances against each other, and one of them intends to file a grievance against the mayor.

City Administrator Andrea Aukrust informed the council during its regular meeting Wednesday that she intends to file a grievance against Mayor Perry Wohnoutka regarding his treatment of her during recent communication.

According to Aukrust, the grievance stems from a recent phone call from the mayor and other instances of communication with Wohnoutka.

Earlier in the meeting, the council had been questioned by a citizen about the phone call. Wohnoutka said, "I, in no way, raised my voice" when talking to Aukrust during the phone call.

Wohnoutka said he made the phone call to inquire about recent problems with city personnel. Wohnoutka also said there were concerns about some city personnel wanting to resign from their city employment.

Aukrust said no grievances have been filed recently.

City Clerk LaNae Osmond then said she may file a grievance against Aukrust.

"I'm usually not one to stand up for myself," but after recent treatment at work this week, Osmond said, she may file a grievance against Aukrust.

Aukrust then said that she may file a grievance against Osmond "for insubordination and not doing her job properly."

Osmond returned to work Sept. 4 after serving a one-week suspension issued by the City Council after an Aug. 28 closed session. Osmond was suspended without pay for what was described as misconduct.

If the grievances of Aukrust and Osmond are filed, Councilmen Troy Block and Robert Lindahl of the city's personnel committee will lead the proceedings.