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Candidates for city ballots set

Candidates who will appear on the ballot in November for municipal office are now set. Filing closed Tuesday for municipal elections in which no primary is held. Smaller cities do not typically conduct a primary, and all candidates who file for office in those towns are on the general election ballot.

Candidates had until the end of the day Thursday to withdraw, and one candidate did so in Atwater. The updated information for Atwater is below.

Candidates for races in several cities in the region were published in the Sept. 11 edition, and the following information regarding races in additional towns was gathered from city officials Thursday.


ATWATER -- Jeff Dockman has withdrawn his candidacy for Atwater City Council. Incumbents Shane Hagstrom and Scott Bjornson filed for re-election to their seats and will now be unopposed on the ballot in November.

Incumbent Mayor Bruce Baker is being challenged by Brad Fluck and Jerry Spencer.


COSMOS -- Voters will elect a new mayor in November. Dale D. Jackson, Gary Martin and Jake M. Degner have filed for the post. Mayor Benita Hackbarth is not seeking re-election.

Two council seats are up for election. Councilman Wade Haley has re-filed for a seat, and Mike McRoberts has filed. Councilman Mike Lang is vacating his seat.


KANDIYOHI -- Kandiyohi Mayor Craig Aurand has filed for re-election, and four individuals have filed for two open positions on the Kandiyohi City Council.

Councilman Brad Howard has filed for re-election. Josh Larson, Ronald Bloomquist and Robert Boehme have also filed.

Councilman Tom Peterson did not seek re-election.


LITCHFIELD -- There will be a race for one of three council seats open.

Councilman Larry Dahl re-filed for the Ward 4 council seat, and George Polingo and Vernon Loch Jr. also are seeking that seat.

Councilwoman Connie Lies re-filed for the Ward 2 council seat.

Ron Dingmann has filed for an at-large seat on the council being vacated by Danielle Rodgers.


MURDOCK -- Three people have filed for two council seats. Councilman Jim Meier and Councilwoman Kim Dierderich have re-filed and Nathan Collins is seeking a seat.

Mayor Doug Kavanagh has re-filed for mayor and is unopposed.


PENNOCK -- Pennock Mayor Kevin Crowley has filed for re-election, and three people have filed for two open positions on the Pennock City Council.

Incumbent Councilman Jeff Arends has filed for re-election. Wanda Woltjer and Justin Godbee have also filed.

Councilman Mike Schackman did not file for re-election.


PRINSBURG -- Three candidates are seeking as many seats on the Prinsburg City Council.

Mayor Harvey Van Eps has re-filed for his post.

Roger Ahrenholz and Chuck Ledeboer have filed for the two City Council positions. A third candidate had filed but subsequently withdrew her name. Council members Harvey Roelofs and George Sportel did not re-file.


RAYMOND -- Three candidates are seeking two City Council seats, and two are vying to be mayor.

Werner David Nurmi filed for mayor, while a citizen's petition also placed Mayor Ron Ulfert's name on the ballot as a candidate.

Incumbents David Wassink and Wayne Haukos filed for the two City Council seats as well as Tanya Call.


REGAL -- Mayor Jack Kotten has filed for re-election and two current members of the City Council have filed for re-election: Jim Halversen and Beth Sturtz. They have no opposition.


SUNBURG -- James Feldman has filed for re-election for mayor of Sunburg, and three individuals have filed for two open seats on the Sunburg City Council.

Incumbent councilmen Scott Jorgenson and Mervin Martin have filed for re-election. Michael O'Leary has also filed for a seat on the council.