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Meeker County urges folks to wear seatbelts

LITCHFIELD -- The Meeker County Sheriff's Office and Eden Valley Police Department are asking citizens to partner with them to create safer roads during the October "Click It or Ticket" seat belt mobilization.

Seatbelt use in areas such as Meeker County is significantly lower than that of the state's metro areas, according to a news release from the agencies. The issue is compounded by Meeker County's roads, many of which are two-lane, undivided highways with little or no shoulder and poor sight lines that become very dark at night.

Drivers are urged to reduce speed, pay attention, never drive impaired and wear their seatbelts. Law officers are urging a two-step plan: the first step to prevent deaths and injuries is simply buckling up. The second step is officers ticketing unbelted motorists, because they'd rather meet drivers on the shoulder of the road rather than at the scene of a violent crash.