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New London City Council checking prices on security cameras and lights for hill

NEW LONDON -- The city of New London will investigate the options for installing security lights and cameras at New London's sledding hill.

City Administrator Trudie Guptill said the City Council on Wednesday instructed her to research the costs of these preventative measures after a motor vehicle damaged New London's "ski hill" over two weeks ago.

Vanda Heuring of New London told the Tribune in a Sept. 24 interview that the damage made Sept. 16 involved a motorized vehicle that left wheel ruts streaking all over the hill. Heuring's family lives at the bottom of "ski hill," the New London city park located outside the city limits near state Highway 9 and 195th Avenue Northeast.

"It had to be a pretty big truck," Guptill said Thursday. "There's no way there was (all-terrain vehicle) marks there."

Guptill said she was also advised to explore building options that would either house or anchor-down a portable toilet at the site.

Guptill said the city plans to work with New London Township and Kandiyohi County to add "No parking" signs to the homeowner side of a road neighboring the hill.

For a Sept. 29 story, homeowners adjacent to the sledding hill told the Tribune that off-road vehicles had been damaging the sledding hill and its neighboring properties for the last few years. In the winter, hill users would also visit their homes, asking to use their restrooms since a portable toilet was not available.

The neighboring homeowners proposed some damage-prevention ideas to the City Council in meetings this summer. At that time, more "no motor vehicle" signage at the hill was enacted by the city.

Guptill said last week the City Council included the sledding hill on Wednesday's regular meeting agenda after hearing about the Sept. 16 damage.

According to New London's city park ordinance, if someone is caught driving a vehicle on the sledding hill, an offender would be charged with a misdemeanor and could be sentenced to a $700 fine, 90 days in jail or both.