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Teen gets probation for assaulting fellow NLS student with razor blade

WILLMAR -- An 18-year-old Atwater girl was sentenced Monday to six months of probation, 40 hours of community service and counseling on a second-degree felony assault conviction.

Judge Michael J. Thompson ordered Symone Donne Weinandt not use dangerous weapons, exhibit no assaultive behaviors and remain complaint with her medications.

Adjudication was withheld on Weinandt's sentence. If she complies with the court's orders, no conviction will appear on her record.

Weinandt was also ordered to pay $126 in restitution. She was given credit for attending therapy and programming at Woodland Centers.

The charge was filed after a March 24 incident in which the Kandiyohi County sheriff's deputy working as the New London-Spicer High School resource officer received a report that a student had been cut by another student. A 17-year-old girl said she was cut twice with a razor blade by Weinandt. The girl said the cuts caused bleeding and required minimal first aid.

The girl said the first incident occurred during lunch hour while she and Weinandt were hanging out in the hallway looking at a poster Weinandt made for class. She said Weinandt's arm swung quickly toward her right forearm, and that she looked down and realized she had been cut. The girl said that she was walking to class about 2:15 p.m. when she was approached by Weinandt in the hallway. When they neared their classroom, Weinandt swiped at her again and cut her right biceps area. She said Weinandt laughed and would not respond to her.

Two days later, the deputy interviewed Weinandt, who said she was friends with the girl and that they had been looking at the poster. Weinandt said she had noticed it wasn't cut correctly, so she took a razor blade from her pants pocket to cut it so that it looked right. She said she slipped and cut the girl on the right forearm, laughed and left. She confirmed that the second cut occurred in the hallway and that she took out the blade and slashed the girl on the right biceps.