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Teen pleads in molestation case, to get extended juvenile jurisdiction

WILLMAR -- Joseph Leroy Driscoll, 16, of Willmar, pleaded guilty Friday to three felony counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct for molesting three young girls.

As part of a plea agreement reached in Kandiyohi County District Court, three additional felony charges of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor charge for indecent exposure and three misdemeanor charges for disorderly conduct, domestic assault and fifth-degree assault will be dismissed. Driscoll's dispositional hearing is set for Nov. 10.

Judge Donald M. Spilseth has ordered that Driscoll be placed on extended juvenile jurisdiction, under which he will treated as a juvenile until his 21st birthday.

Felony matters against 16- and 17-year-olds are public.

According to the petition, the Willmar Police Department received a report May 2 that three young girls had been sexually abused by Driscoll. The girls were 6, 7 and 8 years old. The parent reported walking in on Driscoll and the girls while the teen was touching the girls' genitals and while the girls were sitting on his genitals while he was lying down. The parent also said the boy urinates in front of the girls and exposed his buttocks through a window.

A Kandiyohi County Family Services social worker interviewed the girls the same day. The older girls said Driscoll touched their private parts, that he spanked them, pulled his pants down in front of them and that he choked the youngest girl with a belt. One of the girls said Driscoll forced each of them to lick his penis.

The parent said he walked in on Driscoll and the girls and that he told the teen it was not appropriate and told him to stay out of the girls' room. He also acknowledged that the boy exposes himself to the girls and said the girls told him the day before that Driscoll had them kiss his privates and that he masturbated and ejaculated on the girls' hands.

In an interview with police, Driscoll admitted to being "kind of mean" to the girls because they were loud and obnoxious and would fight. He said he urinated off the porch because someone was in the bathroom. He denied that the parent ever walked in on him and the girls and said he laid down with one of the girls on her bed because she had a nightmare.

He admitted to exposing himself to the girls, and then said the parent had persuaded the girls to make the accusations.