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District Court, Kandiyohi County, Oct. 22

Julio Cesar Martinez-Discua, 35, of Willmar, was arraigned Tuesday on felony charges of forgery and aggravated forgery.

Unconditional bail was set at $10,000. His next appearance is Nov. 3.

Martinez-Discua is also known as Jose David Sanchez-Aponte and Rolando Rios-Navarro.

According to the complaint, Willmar police received information in March from the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Martinez-Discua had been arrested for having a Minnesota driver's license in the Rios name and a Minnesota identification card in the Sanchez name.

On Monday, a detective was assigned to follow up on the case. Information from the Department of Vehicle Services showed that an application for a driver's license was made in January 2006 in the Rios name, and that photos of all three men appeared to be the same person. The Aponte name had been used in June 2005 for an ID application, which was accompanied by a Social Security card and a Puerto Rican birth certificate.