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Letter: Time to bridge our divides

Anyone who has read my previous letters knows I am a Barack Obama supporter. In fact, I am certain he is the best choice to be president of the United States of America during this challenging era. But if John McCain should become the next president, I will not give up on America. After all, I am not just fighting for a candidate; I am fighting for America. I am fighting for the best future we can possibly achieve.

After the election is over and no matter who wins, I will concentrate my efforts on supporting and building the green energy economy, which is something that benefits us all. It builds jobs, it increases our national security, and it helps assure that my children will have at least the same opportunities that I have.

The stakes are too high to wallow in complacency over the outcome of an election. We must work together as Americans immediately to bridge our divides and work together to secure the future. The stakes are too high to remain partisan and divided. My goal, and I hope yours, will be to seek where we can agree, not point out where we differ.