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District Court, Kandiyohi County, Nov. 4

n Reynaldo Alba Gonzales, 36, of Willmar, was arraigned Monday on four felony charges of making terroristic threats and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly threatening to kill a woman and her son with a knife Saturday.

Unconditional bail was set at $50,000 with conditional bail at $5,000. Conditions include no contact with the woman, exclusion from her home and possessing no firearms or dangerous weapons. His next appearance is Nov. 17.

He also faces misdemeanor charges of domestic assault and damage to property.

According to the complaint, Willmar police were called around 3:45 p.m. Saturday to a home in the city's southwest quadrant on a domestic. A woman there said they were moving from one apartment to another, that he was drinking and that they were arguing. She said he left, came back and kicked in a door and cut himself. He became upset and threatened the woman and her son with a knife and choked her with his hands.

The boy confirmed the incident.

While the officer was still at the scene, Alba was located, arrested and taken to jail.

- Michele Suzette Belton, 36, of Willmar was sentenced Thursday to 60 days in jail, five years of probation and a $1,000 fine on a felony charge of malicious punishment of a child.

She received a five-year stay of imposition on her sentence, under which the charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor if she complies with the court's conditions. She was also ordered to be evaluated for a day treatment program at Woodland Centers and follow the program's recommendations, cooperate with family services officials, have no unsupervised interaction with any person 10 years of age or younger in any situation, obey all orders for protection and supervised visitation rules, and take all prescription medications as directed.

The charge was filed after a Willmar police detective received a report from Kandiyohi County Family Services on April 15 indicating that Belton had squeezed her 2-year-old son's arm hard enough to cause severe bruising. Later that same day, the detective and a social worker met with Belton, who said she got angry, grabbed the boy by the upper arm and said she was "rough" with him. She admitted to previously harming the boy and said "I'm not proud of this, I know what I've done is wrong." She said she had been through anger management classes and was grateful the incident was reported because she knew it was in the best interest of her children. She confirmed that the bruise was in the form of a handprint.

Further investigation by police indicated that the biological father of the boy and a 3-year-old child had received an order for protection on behalf of the children against Belton. The order noted several incidents over the past 16 months including bruises on the boy after a visit with Belton, that she bathed the child in ice cold water and then put him in scalding hot water, slapping the other child so hard that Belton fell down and that Belton stabbed the boy with a fake fingernail and hit him.

Continued investigation revealed that Belton had left a voice mail for a social worker admitting to grabbing the son so hard it left marks on his arm and indicating she was willing to do whatever she needed to do to get help.

- Tiodoro Vasquez Resendez, 34, of Willmar, was arraigned Monday on three felony charges of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly raping a mentally handicapped woman in December.

Unconditional bail was set at $30,000. Conditional bail was allowed at $2,500, provided he have no contact with the woman, a friend of hers and be excluded from a Willmar home. His next appearance is Nov. 17.

Resendez is charged with two charges of third-degree and one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to the complaint, Willmar police were called on Dec. 14 by a man who reported that a friend, a 23-year-old woman had been sexually assaulted by Resendez. The officer interviewed the woman, who appeared to be quite low functioning. Another woman informed the officer that the woman is a vulnerable adult who functions at the level of a 5-year-old. The woman was taken to Rice Memorial Hospital and examined.

An interpreter informed the officer that the woman had told the doctor that Resendez had forced her to bend over and that he sexually penetrated her from behind. She said he also forced her to perform oral sex.

An investigator interviewed the woman, who said she and Resendez were home alone when the incident happened. She said she didn't report it, but the same thing happened when they lived in Texas. The woman used anatomically correct dolls to model what had happened.

- Joseph Balboa, 23, of Willmar, made his first appearance Friday on a felony charge of receiving stolen property for allegedly possessing a stolen vehicle.

Unconditional bail was set at $40,000. Conditional bail was allowed for $3,500 cash only. His next appearance is Nov. 10

According to the complaint, Willmar police received a report of a stolen vehicle along Ella Avenue around 7:45 a.m. Tuesday. A 1994 Ford had been stolen during the early morning hours. The owner believed the keys to the car may have been in the vehicle.

Earlier that morning, around 12:20 a.m. a Kandiyohi County Sheriff's deputy had stopped the same vehicle along State Highway 23. The driver was arrested for driving while impaired and Balboa, the passenger, was given a ride to a Willmar residence.

Balboa claimed the car was his, that he was buying it from the owner and that he let other man drive because his license was revoked.

Balboa later met with an officer and claimed he didn't know the car was stolen, that he bought it from a man he didn't know for $200 and a promise to make payments. He said he didn't know the name of the man, but that he met him outside of a liquor store.