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Unofficial area school board election tallies released

WILLMAR -- The results of area school board elections, with unofficial results from the Minnesota Secretary of State's Web site, including these contested races:


Three candidates, including newcomers Paul Weller and Dave Cebulla and incumbent Danny Wold, were elected to the Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa School Board.

Paul Weller -- 1,406

Dave Cebulla -- 961

Danny Wold (I) -- 942

Ginny Borgerding (I) -- 912

Rollie Imdieke (I) -- 716


Four candidates, including incumbents Jeffery Benson, Neal Prokosch and Paul "Woody" Leindecker and newcomer John Desotell, were elected to the BOLD School Board.

Neal Prokosch (I) -- 1,881

John Desotell -- 1,803

Jeffery Benson (I) -- 1,578

Paul "Woody" Leindecker (I) -- 1,426

Matt Holland -- 1,067

Kenneth Ziesmer -- 989


Three incumbents, Karla Rick, Stacey Helstrom and Brian Park, were re-elected to the Litchfield School Board.

Karla Rick (I) -- 3,781

Stacey Helstrom (I) -- 3,323

Brian Park (I) -- 2,973

John W. Mueller -- 2,543

Minnewaska Area

Two incumbents, Heidi Roggenkamp and Julie Gaffaney, along with two newcomers, Lonnie Hoffman and Jim Peters, were elected to the Minnewaska Area School Board.

Lonnie Hoffman -- 2,984

Julie Gaffaney (I) -- 2,541

Heidi Roggenkamp (I) -- 2,461

Jim Peters -- 2,293

Brad Parsons (I) -- 2,272

Dion Harste (I) -- 2,241

Judd Kuehne -- 1,206

Paynesville Area

Incumbent Gretchen O'Fallon and newcomers Bob Bowden and Dave Currens were elected to serve on the Paynesville Area School Board.

Bob Bowden -- 2,078

Gretchen O'Fallon (I) -- 2,063

Dave Currens -- 1,375

Edward Gottwald -- 1,328

Renville County West

Newcomers Jeremy Hebrink, Mark Molenaar and Ann Johnson, along with incumbent David Hamre, were elected to file four positions on the Renville County West School Board.

Jeremy Hebrink -- 1,289

Mark Molenaar -- 1,134

Ann Johnson -- 1,113

David Hamre (I) -- 1,097

Dave Zaske -- 1,078

Marci Robertson -- 921

Area school board election results that included uncontested races include:


Three individuals were elected to serve four-year terms on the Atwater-Grove City-Cosmos School Board.

Joel Gratz (I) -- 2,216

Judy Raske (I) -- 2,036

Jeanna Lilleberg -- 2,027

In a special election, Dale Hoerchler was elected to fill a two-year term. He ran unopposed and received 2,571 votes.


Four incumbents were re-elected to serve on the Benson School Board.

Bill McGeary -- 2,438

Jeff Guest -- 2,436

Alan D. Pagel -- 2,365

Dennis McManus -- 2,284


Four individuals, two incumbents and two newcomers, were elected to the Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg School Board.

Eric Tollefson (I) -- 1,247

Mike Lindquist (I) -- 1,233

Steven Collins -- 1,181

Neil Miller -- 1,043

Lac qui Parle Valley

Three individuals, including one incumbent, were elected to serve on the Lac qui Parle Valley School Board. Jon Olson and incumbent Kimberly Mitchell were elected to four-year terms and Robert D. Tostenson was elected to serve the last two years of an unexpired four-year term.

Jon Olson -- 530

Kimberly Mitchell (I) -- 520

Robert Tostenson -- 513


Three individuals were elected to serve on the MACCRAY School Board. Each was elected from an individual district.

Rita Cannon-Wolf -- 179

Jay Maurice -- 564

Tim Smith (I) -- 293


One incumbent and two newcomers were elected to the Montevideo School Board.

Betty Christensen (I) -- 2,892

Darin Balken -- 2,426

Maggie Kluver -- 2,264

Yellow Medicine East

Four candidates, including write-in candidate Steven Zumhofe, were elected to serve four-year terms on the Yellow Medicine East School Board, according to results from the school's superintendent's office. Another write-in candidate received more than 200 votes but was not elected.

Tim Opdahl -- 2,588

Jane Hagert -- 2,037

Larry Lee -- 1,721

Steven Zumhofe -- 682

Tanya McCoss-Yerigan -- 275

Grant Velde, who was appointed to fill a vacant seat, was elected to serve the remaining two-years of that term.

Grant Velde -- 3,255

(I) denotes incumbents