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Recount will find the right choice

While the Norm Coleman and Al Franken campaigns continue their efforts to win the U.S. Senate race, Minnesotans wait for the completion of this race.

The outcome will be determined by a statewide recount, which will start later this month.

The preliminary outcome Tuesday had Coleman winning by 725 votes out of nearly 2.9 million cast. By Friday, Coleman's lead had shrunk to 236 as county officials completed their canvassing and corrected vote total transcription errors.

Sen. Coleman Wednesday called on Franken to waive the recall. Coleman's statement was premature to say the least and strictly a political stunt. Franken correctly rejected Coleman's proposal and said the recount should take place.

We agree! Besides, state law requires it due to the narrow margin.

The important objective in the U.S. Senate is to complete the statewide recount as required by law and to make sure every legal and legitimate ballot is counted.

Minnesota has experience in these hotly contested elections with recounts. In 1962, Karl Rolvaag defeated Elmer Anderson by 91 votes out of 1,267,502 votes cast. This recount took 4½ months.

The Coleman-Franken recount is scheduled for Nov. 18.

Minnesota and its Senate candidates should wait and watch as the recount process is completed. Then we will all know the choice of Minnesota voters in this election race.