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Editorial: Take time to thank a veteran every day

Have you thanked a veteran today?

You should!

Today is Veterans Day, a day to honor and celebrate all those who have served in America's armed forces. The freedom that each of us enjoy today has been earned and defended by America's veterans.

Remembering our veterans is often a forgotten day or just an afterthought for most.

It all started with the Minutemen in Massachusetts and then soldiers in the Continental Army who fought and won the freedom of England. These new free states became the United States of America.

America's service men and women have served and fought across America and around the world. These veterans have always answered America's call -- in peacetime and in war.

Our veterans are serving on multiple fronts today -- the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war and the war on terror.

Our veterans -- from World War I and II to our latest veterans -- deserve our honor, our respect and our support.

We must do our part -- at the federal and state levels -- to help the veterans, especially with their education and health needs.

Each of us can do our small part today and thank a veteran for their service.