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Editorial: Thursday is our day for giving thanks

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It is a day for thanksgiving, family, friends and good food.

This fall celebration is now an American traditional holiday. However, it hasn't always been celebrated.

American Indians first celebrated their fall harvest at various times before the arrival of this continent's New World immigrants, the first European immigrants. Today, some American Indians consider Thanksgiving a day of mourning for their culture and people.

The Pilgrims of the Mayflower first celebrated Thanksgiving in 1621, honoring their first fall festival. It became a United States tradition in 1777 when a Day of Thanksgiving was declared following the U.S. victory at Saratoga. President Washington declared a Day of National Thanksgiving in 1789 and then President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November a Thanksgiving holiday in 1863.

Yet, it was not until 1941 that Congress declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it is time to reflect on our collective blessings.

- West central Minnesota is doing better then other regions during the current recession. Hopefully, the economy rebound will come soon.

- Our townships and cities of Minnesota and the country have come through another election year -- resulting in a hard-fought battle ending in a peaceful transition.

- Petroleum prices have fallen in recent weeks, providing a positive development for families and businesses.

However, not everything is 100 percent rosy. There are businesses that have closed and individuals have lost their jobs in west central Minnesota. These are trying times for many businesses and families.

As we gather with our families and friends Thursday, let us all remember the purpose of this holiday.

Give thanks for the blessing we have -- our family, our friends and west central Minnesota.

And we shouldn't forget that Thanksgiving turkey, likely produced, raised and processed right here in west central Minnesota.