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District Court, Kandiyohi County, Dec. 9

- Jose Catarino, 25, of Redwood Falls, made his first appearance Friday on two felony charges of aggravated forgery and falsely impersonating another.

Unconditional bail was set at $25,000. His next appearance is Dec. 15.

Catarino is also known as Arnulfo Levario. He also faces a gross misdemeanor charge for giving a false name to a judicial official and a misdemeanor charge for identity theft.

According to the complaint, on Nov. 19 the Willmar police received a report from Kandiyohi County Family Services that Catarino was living in Willmar under the false name and had fathered a child in the state.

Information received from the real Arnulfo Levario included that he was living in Texas, had his identification stolen and had child support erroneously taken from his paycheck to support a child in Kandiyohi County. Texas law enforcement had determined that the Texas man was the real Levario.

Catarino had been booked into the local jail and had appeared in court under the false name. Information from the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement verified his real identity as Catarino.

Catarino was arrested and taken to the Law Enforcement Center. He denied that he had any other name than Levario, but a search of his wallet revealed a Minnesota identification card with Levario's information and Catarino's photo and a Social Security card with the same number as the real Levario.

- Miguel Salinas Jr., 21, of Willmar, made his first appearance Monday on a felony charge of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle for allegedly fleeing from two Willmar officers on Friday night.

Unconditional bail was set at $10,000 and conditional bail was allowed for $500. He was ordered to not drive without a valid driver's license. His next appearance is Dec. 22.

Salinas is also charged with driving while impaired, reckless driving, failing to stop for a hit-and-run accident and for not having a driver's license.

According to the complaint, a Willmar police officer was on patrol in the 400 block of 15th Avenue Southwest around 11:40 p.m. Friday and observed a man exit an apartment building, stumble across the parking lot and get into a vehicle. The officer had contact with the same person a short time before and observed that the man was extremely intoxicated. The man backed the car out, struck another vehicle in the lot and kept driving after the officer and another officer activated their lights and sirens. The car continued through stop signs, and nearly struck several parked cars, until it stopped between Fifth and Sixth Streets along Willmar Avenue. Salinas was arrested and taken to the LEC. He said several times that he was drunk and agreed to a urine test for alcohol consumption measure.