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Willmar graffiti criminal pleads to three felonies and agrees to extended juvenile jurisdiction

Editor's note: This story has been updated to clarify one omission and one error in the original story published Wednesday. Scott Olson pleaded guilty to an additional third-degree burglary charge and as part of his plea agreement agreed to be placed on extended juvenile jurisdiction.

WILLMAR -- Scott Riley Olson, 18, of Willmar, pleaded guilty Monday to two felony charges of first-degree criminal damage to property and a felony charge of third-degree burglary for graffiti spates in downtown Willmar and on homes and businesses along the city's northeast side.

As part of a plea agreement entered in Kandiyohi County District Court, two additional felony charges and two gross misdemeanor charges were dismissed. Two felony burglary and misde-meanor trespassing and underage consumption charges in another case were dismissed. Those charges were from a Nov. 14 incident that involved Olson entering two homes along Second Street Southeast.

Olson's next court appearance is Jan. 14. In addition, restitution will be required on all counts.

As part of the agreement, Olson will be placed on extended juvenile jurisdiction, under which he will be placed on probation until his 21st birthday with a juvenile disposition and a stayed adult sentence.

The graffiti and burglary charges are from two incidents, on Oct. 18 and Oct. 29.

The charges from Oct. 18 were filed after Willmar police received numerous reports of graffiti on garages, buildings, vehicles and apartment buildings starting on Oct. 19. The reports were of ISI graffiti from the northeast side, along with homes, a church and businesses scattered at other locations in the city.

One of the reports included that someone had entered a garage and dumped gallons of paint on a vehicle, causing $670 in damage. The cost to clean up the other graffiti was estimated at well in excess of $1,000.

The same day, officers located Olson and a 16-year-old teen and questioned them about the graffiti. The teen had paint, in the same colors as the graffiti, on his hands. He claimed to not know how it got on his hands. He said he was with Olson the night before, but retracted his statement later.

The boy later informed the high school resource officer that he was involved in the graffiti and assisted with identifying the damage. He also said the pair had entered three garages, stolen items and drank rum straight from the bottle while spraying the damage.

The officer also interviewed Olson, who said he was too drunk and too high to remember all the locations that were damaged. He admitted that whatever the 16-year-old told the officer was true. The officer later obtained writings at the high school that were known to be created by Olson. Many matched the graffiti found by police on Oct. 19.

The charges from Oct. 29 were filed after two Willmar police officers were on patrol around 11 p.m. Oct. 28. They observed new graffiti with markings of the ISI gang.

Also charged in that case are Terrance Jonathan Savoy, 19, and Phillip John Konsor, 18.

The officers later returned to the First Street bridge and found fresh graffiti with ISI mark-ings along and underneath the bridge and on the bridge pillars.

The officers continued on patrol and observed graffiti on businesses in the downtown area, on an apartment building, on the city office building, a storage building and on a building along the 500 block of Benson Avenue Southeast. In each case there was ISI graffiti painted over graffiti painted previously by the In Town Taggers gang.

An officer later met with a downtown business representative to review surveillance footage of the bridge. The footage showed two males exiting a vehicle and painting on the bridge. Offi-cers identified one of the men as Savoy. The second man was identified as Olson.

Konsor allegedly admitted he, Savoy and Olson were driving around spray-painting graffiti in downtown. Savoy claimed he didn't know what the officer was talking about when questioned.

Konsor and Savoy were arrested. Officers received damage estimates from business owners and the city that are well in excess of $1,000.