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Lemcke bail set at $10,000 with conditions

BENSON -- Andrew Gordon Lemcke, 34, formerly of Appleton, appeared before District Judge David Mennis on Friday afternoon in Benson to receive a Swift County grand jury's indictments on first degree, intentional murder and second degree, intentional murder in the Sept. 12, 2004 shooting death of his wife Nichole Riley-Lemcke, 26.

Assistant Attorney General William Klump asked the court to set bail at $1 million, but Judge Mennis offered Lemcke two bail options. He can post a $100,000 bail bond or $10,000 cash and be released on conditions that require he not leave the state without the court's approval. Or, he can be post $1 million bond or $100,000 cash bail and be released without conditions.

Lemcke's attorney, Brian Wojtalewicz, of Appleton, said after the court appearance that Lemcke's family is attempting to raise the bail, but will have difficulty. Lemcke has lost his employment as the result of the charges against him and is in financial distress.

Lemcke was working for the Corrections Corporation of America as a correction's officer in a facility near Florence, Ariz., where he has been living. A Swift County grand jury issued the murder indictments on Nov. 16. Lemcke turned himself into the custody of the Sheriff's Department in Pinal County, Ariz., only hours after receiving word of the grand jury indictments, according to his attorney.

Lemcke was transported to the Meeker County Jail by prisoner transport early Wednesday morning.

Lemcke is asking that a public defender be appointed to represent him, and waived his right to a plea hearing within seven days of today's appearance.