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Renville County adopts levy, but will meet again on budget

OLIVIA -- Renville County's Board of Commissioners will conduct a special meeting Tuesday to continue discussions on the 2009 county budget and elected official salaries.

The commissioners decided on a special meeting after adopting the 2009 levy at the regular meeting Tuesday, according to meeting minutes. The commissioners adopted the levy to meet the state certification deadline. However, commissioners are concerned about the uncertainties facing the 2009 budget due to the state's fiscal problems.

The commissioners set the 2009 levy at $11,459,424. That compares to the $11,517,052 adopted in the preliminary budget earlier.

The commissioners also discussed salary requests for non-union and elected officials. They will take up the issue at the special meeting.

In other business, the commissioners approved a resolution in support of the Rural Minnesota Energy Board's call for restoring the wind production tax for its intended purpose.

The Rural Energy Board represents 18 southern Minnesota counties, including Renville, and promotes wind and other alternative energy development in the region.

The tax was originally developed to be placed on the energy produced by wind. It was intended to enable counties to pay for infrastructure improvements and maintenance related to wind energy installations, according to the resolution.

The Minnesota Legislature eliminated the ability of counties to use the production tax for its intended purpose, according to the board.

The commissioners also adopted a resolution to opt out of the aggregate resource preservation tax.